Email Marketing Software

Send your thousands of potential customers email marketing messaging to grow your business with LANA

Email Marketing Software

Grow your business using a platform with a friendly user interface and ongoing customer support!

Customizable Templates = No Design Skills Required

LANA offers a variety of email templates which are completely customisable, ensuring your business needs are always being met. Templates can be utilised for an update on a new product you offer or a promotion you are currently running.

Get Creative! Use Our Email Builder

If you have artistic flair, LANA has an inbuilt email builder where you can design any email using code or our design editor.

Build Trust And Authority

Using dual messaging combining Email with SMS results in a higher open rate as you can reinforce what you send in your email campaigns.

Maximise Efficiency With Automation

Take the stress and hassle out of email marketing! Send email messages pre and post project, including personalised emails, appointment reminders, and google review requests to your customers at exactly the right time, using email automation.

Still Unsure If LANA Is The Right Tool For You? Here’s How An Electrician Uses Email Marketing Within LANA

A customer has contacted ABC Electrical for a quote on a job via the web chat on their website. The customer has given the electrician their name, phone number and email address.

LANA is then able to automatically send the customer an information pack about the company before they make a decision on the quote.

Once the quote has been accepted LANA will send out automated email messaging reminding the customer of the appointment date and time.

Once the customer’s job has been completed, they will be automatically sent a google review request and a follow up email to check the project satisfaction.

In another 6-12 months an automated email will be sent reminding the customer that it is time for a maintenance check, all with minimal effort from ABC Electrical.

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