LANA + AroFlo Integration Explained

LANA captures your leads and automates workflows

LANA ensures you and your staff have ONE reliable method to manage all of your customers with automation between AroFlo & LANA

LANA Leads are pushed into your Quoting Tool

LANA & Arolflo Integration allows your new leads to be funneled from numerous channels into one Hub. There you drag into the AroFlo Colum. Once in AroFlo any event change made will replicate in LANA enabling you to track the customer journey.

How We Integrate

Capture all Contacts & Messages in one place for simplicity & to track customer communication with team

Improve your Customer experience with automated messaging via SMS, Phone & Email during Job Management



LANA + Arolflo automatically sync contacts to avoid double handling + ensure one database

LANA can track customers along the many stages of their journey. From new lead, to called to sending the quote and finishing the job

Any Tag, Status or Stage change in Ascora automatically updates in LANA which can trigger a workflow to occur such as a sequence of SMS, Email or manual notifications

See all team members communication in one place with the customer

Track where all customers are discovering your business & the amount of conversions, losses & incomplete jobs

See where all quotes, jobs & leads are at stage with our built-in-pipeline

Create tasks against jobs to each team member


How We Integrate

LANA provides a better customer experience, by streamlining the communication process from start to finish, all from one convenient dashboard

LANA helps AroFlo Users win more jobs



LANA Contact automatically pushed to AroFlo quotes

Power your AroFlo with The LANA CRM

Dynamic capture of contacts

Wanting More Google Reviews?

By Simply marking a job as complete in AroFlo, LANA will trigger a post sale workflow, automatically sending Google reviews, surveys, follow up scheduling and more

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