LANA + Mink Messenger Integration

How LANA Works with Mink Text

Mink Text offers two way SMS and phone calls for businesses operating in Australia. With LANA’s integration, it ensures that whether a SMS or MMS is automated or manually sent, both businesses and customers will have it sent and received in seamless fashion.

Mink Text enables businesses to send automated messaging to their customers, ensuring businesses owners and admins can save time, with peace of mind that their customers are effectively being communicated with.

Need photos from your customers about their job? Or do you want to send the finished installation to the customer? Mink Text MMS functionality ensures MMS has never been easier.


  • Unlimited SMS including MMS sending and receiving $60/number/month
  • Unlimited calls (inbound/outbound) $40/user/month

Note the following key features that are enabled and disabled.

  • Unlimited SMS and MMS will work for manual responses in LANA and automated workflows to individual contacts.
  • There is NO BULK SMS or MMS enabled so sending to multiple contacts is not permitted and may suspend your account.
  • Unlimited calls currently requires you to use an external App. We are currently working on the integration so that calls can be made directly through LANA.