LANA + KiwiTXT Integration

How LANA Works with KiwiTXT
KiwiTXT offers two way SMS for businesses operating exclusively in NZ. With LANA’s integration, it ensures that whether the message is automated or manually typed, it will streamline fast communication with NZ customers.


KiwiTXT offer their services at Only $29/mo + gst With rates as low as $0.12 per SMS + gst
(KiwiTXT offers a 14 day trial)

KiwiTXT operates independents from LANA, connecting with their clients directly for billing and support purposes. You can sign up by clicking here.

Once you’ve signed up and advised the LANA Team, The number will appear in your account and you can now begin engaging with your customers using two way SMS.

Note the following key features that are enabled and disabled.

  1. KiwiTXT is a two way SMS service and has no phone calling capabilities. Therefore, businesses will still have to use their office numbers.
  2. KiwiTXT has no MMS functionality.
  3. KiwiTXT exclusively works in NZ.