LANA + Twilio Integration

How LANA Works with Twilio

Twilio, powered by Group Send Gateway offers two way SMS and phone calls for businesses operating in Australia, the UK and North America. With LANA’s integration, it ensures that whether a SMS is automated or manually typed, whether a customer calls you or you call them, all communication can be streamlined within LANA.

Twilio enables businesses to send automated messaging to their customers, ensuring businesses owners and admins can save time, with peace of mind that their customers are effectively being communicated with.

If you’re moving locations or wanting to send a marketing message out there through LANA, Through our Twilio integration you can bulk SMS your customers at the press of a button.

Note the following key features that are enabled and disabled.

  1. Twilio and LANA’s integration does not include the ability to send or receive MMS.
  2. Twilio is not available for NZ customers.


Twilio offers a pay-as-you-go pricing strategy, giving you control over your messaging costs.

SMS Outbound cost : $0.0515

SMS inbound: $0.0515

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*Pricing is for Australia