Five Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate

Five Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate

Thinking about how to improve your website conversion rate so that you can get more customers and keep existing ones? At LANA, we have listed the top five ways in which you can drive customer engagement with your website.

1. Consistently track and analyse visitor data

In order to learn more about your customers and their preferences it is important to closely monitor visitor data. Collecting data will enable you to identify your visitors’ likes, dislikes, pain points and interests. This could include using software that shows heat maps of visitor engagement on the website. Some of the key areas that are important to track on your website include:

  • User behaviour on landing pages
  • The click-through rates of forms and the ‘contact us’ page
  • Information on the volume of traffic and traffic sources
  • Customer feedback

2. Check what the competitors are doing

In order to differentiate from your competitors and drive customer traffic to your website, it is important to also analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. This is important as most people often research extensively before making a purchasing decision, meaning that most customers are also going to check out your competitors. By putting yourself in your customers shoes, you can figure out what website design and strategy is most likely to drive traffic to your website.

3. Add customer feedback through testimonials and reviews

Approximately 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase, so clearly reviews have a very significant role in the consumer decision making process (LearnHub, 2020). Having social proof on a website can also help to strengthen a business’s credibility and legitimacy. This method is guaranteed to have customers engaged and more certain about making a purchase. 

4. Consider adding a live chat to your website

Adding live chat functionality to your website can greatly improve the customer experience. Generally, live chat support is fast and convenient, allowing customers to get answers in seconds, helping to reduce uncertainty. There could even be an increase in customer engagement, as chatting with an agent has a faster response time compared to emails or phone calls. If your competitors don’t have a live chat feature on their website, adding live chat could give you a competitive edge by showing that your business is always readily available for customers’ inquiries and concerns.

5. Remove any unnecessary distractions

When a customer visits a website, they can lose interest in seconds if the website is poorly designed or cluttered with distractions. Your landing page should be clear and concise in order to draw attention to what your visitors need to know. If you have a promotional offer, you want to make sure that it’s at the forefront of your website so that customers know exactly what is available to them.

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